M/Y ASTARTE II | Total Overhaul of TBD 234 V8 – Generator


Total overhaul for the M/Y Astarte II of TBD 234 V8 – Generator No2, during November & December 2022.

In details:

  • Lifting the engine.
  • Inspection or replacement of crankshaft.
  • Inspection/Replacement of the main bearings.
  • Inspection/Replacement of connecting rod bearings.
  • Inspection and cleaning of all dismantled engine parts.
  • Inspection/repair of cylinder heads.
  • Inspection of Lub oil pump.
  • Dismantling of fuel injection pump and sent for inspection repair – reassembly.
  • Dismantling of turbocharger and sent to repair.
  • Dismantling, cleaning and adjusting of fuel injectors.
  • Dismantling, cleaning of water cooler. 
  • Dismantling, cleaning of oil cooler. 
  • Dismantling, cleaning of charge air cooler. 
  • Remounting of all dismantled parts on the engine.
  • Adjustment of valves.
  • Test run.