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Leading provider of parts

  We have very competitive prices for Genuine and Replacement parts for your machinery. “Spare Parts” for European / Japanese / USA makers at best market prices. Check our makers list here! We offer a unique alternative to the original manufacturer’s sole sourcing position. Without compromises! High quality spare parts…

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Engineering Support.

From a simple engine rebuild up to a complex project of a Super Yacht renovation, we are here for you, able to support you upon request with highly skilled stuff and customized solution to meet your requirements. We have concluded several projects with great success and always keeping in mind…

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Dredging Support

We offer Dredging Support for your Marine Development Projects. Any request is within our line of supplies, from spare parts and dredging pipes up to pick points and port Fenders and Bollards. We offer custom made solutions and can assist in any request referring to “dredging”. Please send us your…

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