Cutting power



We have our own line of production for casting materials in China and S. Korea for cutting teeth for dredging systems. We produce the most common teeth as per our customers needs and our specification fulfills the highest standards and it is equivalent if not better to many well known expensive suppliers of pick points world wide. Upon request we can give you hardness test reports from independent laboratories and we assure you that our pick points will fit perfectly with the OEM adapters to ensure the impact distribution and long life of your cutting head.Our production line includes but is not limited to the following type of cutting teeth. ESCO, CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, DOOSAN, VOLVO series and many more items.

* Our quality and prices are excellent.*

We always do a hardness and fitting test on a significant percentage of each LOT production to ensure product specification and such a report can be presented to our customers upon request.
We can also produce any type of Points and Adapters based on samples received and achieve same material composition and hardness as per original products at very competitive prices. Prior to any new product order, we will send you free of charge 10 Pcs of Pick points and locking pins to use it in comparison with your existing pick points during dredging to evaluate same.